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Kimoya Goslin, DPT


Kimoya is a fun and eccentric person who is originally from the tropical island of Jamaica. In 2011 she completed her Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Therapy at one of the top universities in the Caribbean – the University of the West Indies. After graduating, she worked part time at the local hospital in her city while managing her private practice and home therapy.

In 2014 she left Jamaica and went to work at the Princess Margaret Hospital in Nassau, Bahamas. She worked in various areas including the Intensive Care Unit, the Acute Care Hospital, the Outpatient Rehabilitation Department and the NeuroDevelopmental Center for Children.

In 2018 she went on to pursue a post professional Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree from Utica College in New York, USA. After practicing for 6 years in the Bahamas, she later migrated to Canada in 2020.

Kimoya has Ten (10) years of experience working with a variety of situations ranging from neuromuscular, orthopedic, pediatric and cardiopulmonary conditions. She has a special interest in knee conditions, post-surgical conditions, fractures and neuromuscular conditions.
She has a deep passion for helping people regain function and independence. Her treatment regime usually consists of a variety of techniques such as the use of modalities, strengthening exercises, stretching and education that are geared to facilitate improvement in activities of daily living and functional independence.

Kimoya is a very warm, sociable person who likes going on adventures and a good games night. She likes working with her hands and in her spare time she likes to delve in some creative skills and crafts.