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Deep in your core, do you remember yourself before chronic pain or new discomfort defined you? It’s time you take hold of new horizons, and realize that at CORE, your wellness lay within.

Go deep… into the foundations of modern neurology. Addressing more than just muscle, bone, joints and connective tissue, our focus is both system-wide and long-sighted… not only providing immediate relief of your chronic symptoms, but also rising to accept the challenge and the responsibility of treating your past, current or future problems at their core.

Know ‘ex-pain explained’ as our visionary team of doctors and health practitioners custom-design and communicate an actionable plan with defined timelines; conduct the best in cutting-edge treatments needed for both immediate and lasting success; and provide the inspiration, education, and the answers you seek to finally take care, take action and take charge of your overall well-being.

We are CORE – your Centre Of REbirth.

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