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Benefits for Office Workers

Who says the life of the keyboard warrior can’t be dangerous? As an active (or not-so-active) participant in the rat race, your body and mind require regular care and maintenance.

Even in the absence of severe or chronic pain, we’ll work with you to conduct the research and observations necessary to identify and understand where, how and why your health and wellness may be compromised or at risk as a result of the daily grind; custom-design and communicate an action plan; conduct the best in cutting-edge treatments needed for lasting nervous, immune and motor system success; and provide the motivation, inspiration and education you seek to just “do something” – exercise more, move and stretch better, eat healthier, work smarter, play safer and rest fuller – in order to take care, take action and take charge of your overall well-being… thereby proactively preventing future pains or health concerns to enjoy a desk life more fulfilled.

From chiropractic care to physiotherapy or massage, get yourself together. We are CORE – your Centre Of REwork.

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