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Our Philosophy

At CORE, we understand that health is a state of mind and spirit as well as body. For this, our focus is both system-wide and long-sighted… relieving not just chronic pain or discomfort, but also treating chronic headaches, stress and tension, anxieties, depression and other mental ailments by skillfully re-positioning joints and relaxing or stimulating hardened muscles and tissue to reduce the pressure on nerves and the restriction of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood flow from the heart to the head.

Our collaborative team of doctors and health care professionals will prove to move your soul by first moving your being. You simply need to loosen up and open your imagination to new techniques and treatments; to new definitions of health and healing through the connection of body, mind and spirit; and to new possibilities from a life better lived…

We are CORE – your Centre Of REconnection. From chiropractic care to physiotherapy or massage, move through CORE and move toward peace of mind.

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